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Conference Center, Rotterdam

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The Provenierswijk bumps up to the Central Station Rotterdam. The space at the backside of the station has a lot of potential, but at the moment it’s undefined space. The atmosphere is dominated by the flows of movement in different layers, at the moment it’s not a place for long time staying. Pedestrians from the central station en from the Provenierswijk have to cross a lot of obstacles on their way.

Introducing a building block to improve the qualities of the provenierswijk. A good ending of the stationssingel (01). Ending of the building block (02). Visual contact with the station and square, the gate to the city center. transition of building hights between city center and provenierswijk.

Introducing a conference center in an urban landscape will be an economic, social and visual improvement to the Provenierswijk. Facilities are attracting residents as well as visitors. The atmosphere of the landscape will be improved, so it is suitable for long time staying. The location near the Central Station is attractive for visitors, there is also good parking facilities. People can use the facilities 24-7, that will also improve the livability and safety.

Not the city penetrates trough the building, but from the interior the choice can be made to explore the provenierswijk. The pedestrian can`t see what is happening inside of the building.

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